3 Simple Steps

  • Make a List

    You should start by making a list of nearby attorneys that might be right to handle your case. You can search on Google for this or check your local yellow pages directory. If you know someone who can make a recommendation, that’s even better. Check with your local bar association as well.

  • Check Qualifications

    The next thing is to see if the short list you have made includes lawyers who are qualified to take on your case. A family lawyer is not the right one for a DUI case. Some lawyers actually specialize in just DUI cases. These lawyers are the best choice as they are very familiar with the laws regarding DUIs.

  • Meet Face to Face

    While the net is great for research, nothing takes the place of meeting a lawyer in person. Get a sense of what this person is like and if you will feel comfortable having them handle your case. Be upfront, bring documentation, and most of all get him or her to talk about their experiences with these types of cases.

While all of these are important, be sure you know what their fee structure is for your type of case before you hire them. The best lawyer in the world may not be necessary and you may not be able to afford them anyway. When you take these steps along with others , you can be sure of finding the right redmond dui attorney to fight your case.